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Ahh livejournal. It's been a long time. But right now I need a place to vent with a minimal chance of attracting drama from tumblr's social justice warriors. Cause right now I need a break from the hypocrisy of these people.

One of the biggest fights for SJW is that or minority representation in the media. There should be more PoC in speaking, non-villian roles. There should be more LGBT characters, again in non-villainous, non-joke roles. Hypocrisy rears it's ugly head when there is progress made in one of these regards, but SJW decide it doesn't count or it's not good enough, or it's not the representation that they want so they're just going to complain. They're not going to take a moment to breath, enjoy the fact that progress has been made before picking the fight back up again.

Case in point. Disney/Pixar's new short Lava. A cute little short about anthropomorphized volcanoes falling in love through a song. The SJW's complaint. That one volcano is male and the other isn't clearly female. and so it's a heterosexual volcano romance rather than a gay one, and the current standards of beauty.

Along come some Hawaians, talking about about how Iz an activist, and musician from their culture, and beloved figure what was partly the inspiration for the short(particularly the music, and the male volcano looks a lot like him, and the girl volcano looks a lot like his wife.) They talk about how happy they are to see some of their culture being portrayed positively, and that the short is a wonderful homage to someone they love. Plus it used the talents of actual Hawians rather then using whoever was handy(and like white)

The SJW's response? Well they don't care In fact they seem to go out of their way to dismiss and ignore all the points the Hawaians who are happy about the short bring up. This link is actually kinda funny, because one common thing in the SJW warriors toolbox for criticizing creators is the war-cry "Intentions Don't Matter" only the impact. So that if a creator doesn't something, when something that pushes the boundaries of what's been done, any tiny flaw that the warriors don't agree with gives them free reign to completely dismiss the advancement, demonize the creator, and cry about the lack of progress. But when it comes to Lava somehow because the creators didn't "intend" for Uko, and Lele to look so close to real life figures that similarity can be ignored. So apparently author intent(or lack there of) counts when they want to use it to silence people criticizing them, but doesn't count with people suggest using it to create better and more nuances criticism. Which is it tumblr? Do intentions matter or not? Make up your mind.

Nerdfaceangst had a good rundown of the stupidity and arrogance of the people criticizing Lava over it's hetereonormivity while ignoring some other very valid concerns.
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Kinda wanted a place to whine and where I wouldn't bother anyone.

In 2013 Chase fired me after 12 and half years with them. They say it was because of poor customer service, but in reality it was more I had been there so long and was making too much money. I did managed to get a new job within 3 months but at a pay cut of about 15,000 thousand dollars a year.

My expenses of course didn't go down, and have gone up slightly with higher property tax and higher hoa payments. Every month is a struggle to get all the bills paid and keep from drowning. I've looked for other and better jobs, but all I've done is customer service and no customer service place that's hiring pays any better then what I'm doing now. Starting to look into other ways to earn money and debating about a part time job if I can find out that will work with my schedule.
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Last Nov a coworker revealed having a crush on me. Today another guy in the callcenter expressed interest in dating me. what the? I am not used to guys showing interest and I dont even know...
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So work did their annual shift bid and there's been a change. They reduced the number of evening shifts that received the 10% shift differential and reduced the size of teams who could have them. I was in the 8th decisial (pretty high up) but still only ended up with my second choice shift pick of 12pm to 8:30 losing my shift diff. 3800$ a yeah over 30 minutes a day(if my shift started 30 minutes later or if they had left the 1 hour lunches alone I wold be keeping it) So far none of the people who are on the ONE evening team of bankers for the department I'm in have kept be left with a shift diff schedule, and for a different department people just out of training who had never worked a day on the phones were ranked higher than people who had been on the phones for years. I am raging so hard right now.

Some high muckity muck who makes at least 10 times more than I do decided Chase was spending too much on payroll for the little peons, but call volume and business showed they couldn't get rid of a call center or fire a bunch of people(hell we just opened a new center in Illinois, and are having trouble just getting people through training(think half the new hires quit in terror)) So he decided to just reduce the people on shift diff. Then they are either incompetent on how to rank people or deliberately game it so newer and therefor lower-paid people are given a better chance of the getting the shift diff bonus. All to save a few million in payroll, which will look good for the high muckity muck and undoubtedly earn him a nice bonus at the end of the year. All I know, when Chase sends out the report on the second quarter earnings and profit, I'm just going to be thinking how some of that money came out of my pocket.
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So when I walking into my house Rocky decided to make an escape attempt. I dropped my bags and headed after him. He had managed to get outside the patio gate, but by the time I got there he had already turned around and was heading back to my door. Guess he remembered it was dinner time and that he liked being a spoiled rotten house cat.
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The only thing worse than finding out there's no hot water when you're getting ready to take a shower, is finding there's no water period.

*resigned to feeling icky today*
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Things that suck. Getting to Ohio and realizing I forgot yo pack my lush soap or shower gel. And the closest lush store is in Dublin. Least I remembered my shampoo and conditioner, and facial cleanser.